Friday, October 22, 2010

Evening Course & David McWilliams

Reel Chancers, our evening course, is in full swing. Last week’s showing of The Italian Job – the original, featuring Michael Caine in some fabulous suits and sharpest Cockney - and follow-up talk by film lecturer Madeleine Lyes, went down a treat, even if a lot of Minis were harmed in the making of the film!

Next Tuesday’s showing of Wall Street, from 1987, will bring back memories of Gordon Gekko, the ruthless corporate raider who coined more than a few phrases that encapsulated the greed of the 1980s financial world. Finance guru David McWilliams, well known for his own pithy sayings, will give his thoughts on the film. Gekko was hardly ‘Breakfast Roll Man’, but this original character brought to life by Oliver Stone’s masterly direction gave us a reel chancer whose influence can be seen in numerous subsequent portraits of insider dealers.

Alicia McGivern
Head of Education

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