Monday, January 31, 2011

Family screenings at IFI

If you want to guarantee a full family house on a grey, recession-conscious day in Dublin, just mention the word Disney. For our Family programme this month we were lucky enough to get two free previews of the studio’s latest, Tangled, a post-modern take on that favourite Grimm’s fairytale, Rapunzel. Every month we run a family programme here at IFI and choose a selection of films that families might not usually get to see such as The Fox and the Child, Ponyo or the classic Le Ballon rouge. But we also like to add something extra to screenings, which in this case meant giving our audiences a free advance viewing of a big film such as Tangled.

Tangled (Copyright: Disney)

This animation takes the familiar fairytale, gives it a post-modern twist, and combines it with fine animation and a memorable soundtrack that recalls the great earlier films such as Aladdin or even The Lion King. We had full appreciative houses here and in Vue, Liffey Valley, where we ran the preview in conjunction with Clondalkin Partnership.

The Magic Aster

Our family film in February, The Magic Aster, is part of the Chinese Film Festival, celebrating Chinese New Year, The Year of the Rabbit. Based on the classic children’s drama of the same name, this animation is about a magic flower that helps people who are brave. As a play it’s been a huge sensation in China and the film adaptation has also been a box office hit. Recalling Chinese stories where hard work leads to happiness, it features hardworking Xiao Lan who is happily married to the god of flowers, Ma Lang.  Then, greedy Old Cat tries to get the jealous sister Da Lan to kill Xiao Lan, in order to get the magic Malan Flower. Fortunately, the magic takes over and the flower comes into bloom to protect Xiao Lan.

The Magic Aster

The film will be introduced at the IFI on Sunday February 6th by the director. Celebrate Chinese New Year with your family and see one of China’s most popular children’s stories. Tickets €5, family of 4 €15. An experienced reader will narrate the subtitles.

For more details on our monthly family screenings, check our website.

Alicia McGivern
Head of Education

For more information or to book tickets for The Magic Aster, click here.

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