Tuesday, April 10, 2012

IADT Filmathon

On Tuesday March 13th, our class at IADT hosted a Filmathon to raise money for the IFI Irish Film Archive Preservation Fund which is going to help the Archive to repatriate Irish films from around the world and help preserve their vast collections for future generations. 

Saoirse Ronan starring in the IFI Irish Film Archive promotional film

As Film students, when we were told about the fund on a class trip to the Archive for a project, we were instantly interested when our lecturer suggested that we do something to help the fund along. Our class decided to do what we could to help and a handful of students organised the Filmathon. We each received a sponsorship card, and asked family and friends for small donations for us to watch a range of movies from 9am until 9pm in the Chapel, a converted Church that functions as a recreation area in our college. 

Armed with coffee, bean bags and a projector, we stayed for the day and enjoyed films from Woody Allen’s Annie Hall, classics such as Laurel and Hardy and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Irish film Kisses, to Japanese animation Paprika. To raise more money for the fund, we also had donation boxes at the coffee dock, as well as one stationed at the SU shop, and we held a raffle in the evening for cinema tickets and DVD’s. Students from the rest of the college were able to come in and watch with us and encouraged to donate what they could to the fund. 

We managed to raise €300.63 for the fund and really enjoyed doing it. We sincerely hope we helped out in some way, as we know that Irish film is an integral part of our heritage and culture.

Gita Lalloo
2nd Year English, Media and Cultural Studies

Read more about the launch of the IFI Irish Film Archive Preservation & Research Centre at NUI Maynooth here.


  1. Irish Film InstituteApril 10, 2012 at 6:33 PM

    On behalf of the IFI we'd like to thank Gita, the entire class, and Diog O'Connell for their brilliant fundraising effort. The money donated to the IFI Irish Film Archive Preservation Fund will help to secure the future of Ireland's film heritage.

  2. Great to see students publically recognising the importance of our filmic heritage, and helping out in such a meaningful way.