Tuesday, August 7, 2012

IFI Stranger Than Fiction

What does the film-goer want in a festival? That’s the question I asked myself when I was given the welcome task of putting together a programme for IFI Stranger Than Fiction - writes Ross Whitaker, Festival Programmer. 

I suppose quality is number one, then variety and then a certain amount of exclusivity. When I go to a festival, I want to feel that these films are special and unique and this event is giving me an opportunity I wouldn’t otherwise have.

Early in our discussions about IFI Stranger Than Fiction we made the decision that all films showing should be a Dublin Premiere. This is the first chance that most IFI cinema-goers and most documentary and film fans will have to see these films. I’m delighted to say that in some cases the films are indeed Irish Premieres and in the case of closing film Detropia, a European Premiere, on Sunday, August 19th at 19.00. 

In terms of quality, I wanted us to be able to stand beside each and every film and say that this film is absolutely worthy of our audience and will give them an excellent viewing experience. I really like the films and I’m excited to read what others are saying about them (see below). I look forward to hearing the reactions of our audiences.

Ross Whitaker
Festival Programmer

Festival Picks:

One Mile Away (Friday, August 17th, 20.30) - “Woolcock has a talent for gaining trust and giving a voice to those marginalised or demonised by the mainstream media” – Screen.

The Interrupters (Sunday, August 14th, 14.00) - “A meticulous account of life and death in inner-city Chicago… has a staggering heft and authenticity,” The Guardian.

The Interrupters

Detropia  (Sunday, August 19th, 19.00) - “A potent snapshot of a potential future for many American cities,” Variety.

The Reluctant Revolutionary (Saturday, August 18th, 15.30) - “A breathless pace, a sense of black humor and a great central character make The Reluctant Revolutionary one of the most immediate and accessible descriptions of the Arab Spring yet to emerge,” Hollywood Reporter.

Planet Of Snail (Sunday, August 19th, 16.20) - “An absolute gem,” The Observer.

Planet of Snail

The Imposter (Opening Gala, Thursday, August 16th, 19.00) - “A powerful film about lies and deception…that makes some profound and unsettling points about the human mind,” The Guardian.

IFI Stranger Than Fiction, Dublin's Documentary Film Festival, runs between August 16th - 19th at the IFI. For more information on screenings and to book in advance (highly recommended!), please contact our Box Office staff on 01-6793477, or visit http://www.ifi.ie/stf/

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