Thursday, November 18, 2010

Michel Ciment at the IFI French Film Festival

For almost fifty years, Michel Ciment has been a champion of the Seventh Art, not only in France but also throughout the world thanks to the translation of many of his books in different languages. His encyclopedic knowledge of world cinema and his countless encounters with film directors worldwide  - as exemplified in his recent Film World (2009) - is matched by a consummate art of in-depth analysis, thorough without being academic, accessible and always passionate.

He joined the French film journal Positif (the arch rival of Cahiers du cinema) in 1963, and published his first book ten years later, Kazan by Kazan. Michel Ciment has been highly praised for his interview skills, which led to revealing insights into well-known directors such as Kazan, Rosi, Losey and many more. His best-seller is the magnificently illustrated volume on Stanley Kubrick, first published in 1980.

Few documentaries have been made about critics. Simone LainĂ©’s film, Michel Ciment: The Art of Sharing Movies (Michel Ciment, le cinema en partage) shown on Saturday November 20th at 14.30, bears testimony to the part Michel Ciment has played not only in exploring cinema as a major art–form, but more importantly in reaching out to the public at large, sharing his passion with all of us. In addition to his books, his articles and interviews in Positif and many a foreign film periodicals, he has collaborated regularly to France Inter’s Le Masque et la plume, a popular Sunday evening radio programme in which a panel of critics discuss new releases or films crowned by major Film Festivals. For anyone who’d rather stay at home on Sunday nights in order not to miss the heated discussions and invariably entertaining arguments of the critics who take part in Le Masque et la plume, it is indeed a rare treat to have the opportunity to see Michel Ciment in the flesh and hear him live in Dublin.

Laurent Marie

Michel Ciment's schedule at the IFI French Film Festival

Friday November 19th:
Saturday November 20th:
Sunday November 21st:

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