Friday, November 5, 2010

Capra for a Modern World

Remember the first time? When we all learnt what the words liquidity, or foreclosure, or even bank bailout meant? Seems like they only came into being a few years ago when in fact, that master of American cinema, Frank Capra, was dealing with the subject in his Depression era drama, American Madness, showing as part of the Capra Season which runs throughout November and December here at IFI.

As George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life would later be tested by a run on the bank, so too is banker Tom Dickson challenged in this post-Depression era drama. Written by Robert Riskin, it’s said to be based on the real-life Giannini brothers, whose bank prided itself on serving the ‘little people’. Promoting an idea that common sense and action would help America get out of depression, the film is remarkably prescient for the situation we find ourselves in today. And it’s very funny too. Fabulous crowd scenes depicting the run on the bank show off Capra’s directing talent, all on glorious display throughout this unique retrospective.

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Alicia McGivern
Head of Education

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