Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Before the gala screening of The Other Side Of Sleep ...

Director Rebecca Daly talks about the upcoming release of her feature, The Other Side of Sleep (opens at the IFI on Thursday, March 15th).

The upcoming Irish release is really exciting for me. I have been all over with the film, from Toronto to India, and have experienced incredibly diverse reactions and readings of it so now I am looking forward to the home response; from people who have real references for the world of the film. Luckily with this release I am able to attend screenings in many cinemas around the country so I will be able to chat with the audiences afterwards and hear their thoughts. My experience so far has been incredibly positive: the film seems to prompt a lot of discussion among viewers and it tends to stay with them which I hope continues to be the case with the release in Ireland.

I am also excited to see the cast response to the film. Some have already seen it but many of the non-professional actors from the Midlands region haven’t yet and I can only imagine how surreal it will be for them at the gala preview on Thursday (March 15th) – hopefully they enjoy it!

The whole purpose of making the film is the audience, and as a filmmaker I can only make the work and then let it out into the world for people to make their mind up on it. That is what I think is so great about cinema as an art form, people are not afraid to have a view, and opinions are usually as individual as each person’s experience.

The Other Side Of Sleep will open with a gala screening plus special guests including Antonia Campbell-Hughes and Sam Keeley, plus a Q&A with director Rebecca Daly, at the IFI on Thursday, March 15th at 6.20pm. The film runs until March 29th.
Limited number of tickets still available to purchase for the Thursday gala - to book, please contact our Box Office on 01 - 679 3477, or book online

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