Thursday, September 2, 2010

Venice Film Festival Updates

Today is the start of the Venice Film Festival and Venice Days, the independently run section highlighting European Cinema.

This year, Europa Cinemas and Venice Days invited twenty seven young EU film enthusiasts (aged 18-25) to attend the festival, watch the Venice Days programme, meet filmmakers and serve on a ‘Young Cinephiles’ jury.

IFI was delighted to be asked to nominate some candidates, so we ran a competition which involved writing film reviews and then submitted these for consideration to Europa Cinemas. Conall Ó Duibhir was chosen to represent IFI and he headed off for Venice yesterday. Conall was a member of our IFI Teen Club and also a brilliant volunteer at the IFI Family Festival. To say he loves film is somewhat of an understatement (he did feel the need to put aside Leaving Cert. studies in order to complete his entry on time…)

Check back here for regular blogs and updates from Conall on his Venetian adventures.

Alicia McGivern
Head of Education

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