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Irish DVDs available from the IFI Film Shop

From MAN OF ARAN to GAA FOOTBALL Gold - the best of Irish DVDs available from the IFI Film Shop.

GAA Football Gold 

GAA Football Gold: The DVD is the first time that the All- Ireland Football highlights from the National Film Institute (now the IFI) has been available to own at home. The films capture a different era of gameplay and some of the greatest football players in GAA history such as Galway's Frankie Stockwell and Seán Purcell, Cork's Denis "Toots" Kelleher, Dublin's Kevin Heffernen, Kerry's Mick O'Connell and Seán Murphy; and Cavan's Peter Donohoe, P.J Duke and John Joe O'Reilly. The DVD includes wins for Kerry, Meath, Dublin, Mayo and Galway as well as a golden era for Cavan football with three wins and a rare All-Ireland victory for Louth. 

Man of Aran: Unavailable for many years, Robert Flaherty’s famous documentary about the lives of Aran islanders has come under attack for the director’s recreation of a way of life that had been outdated for fifty years when the film was shot. This aside, the film is still regarded as a classic for its stunning cinematography, scenery and editing.

Man of Aran

Mise Éire: Containing extraordinary archive footage, George Morrison’s pioneering 1959 documentary is a stirring chronicle of Ireland’s turbulent years between 1896 and 1918, particularly the momentous events of Easter 1916. Seán Ó Riada’s innovative music score (a combination of tradition Irish tunes, sean-nós and an orchestral arrangement) brought him national acclaim.

Kings: Based on Jimmy Murphy’s play ‘The Kings of the Kilburn High Road’, this Irish/English language film sees a group of Irish friends who, after emigrating to England 30 years previously, are reunited at the funeral of a friend. The film intercuts between the men’s lost youth in Ireland and the harsh realities of the present day. 

Reeling in the Decades: Three decades of by the hugely-popular RTÉ documentary series are collected in this box-set, running from 1970 to 1999, linking the year’s biggest news and events with the most iconic music hits of the time.

Reeling in the Decades

December Bride: 1909; A strong-willed servant girl keeps house for an elderly widower and his two sons. When the old man dies, the girl enters into a relationship with the two brothers, scandalising the conservative Ulster farming community around them. Based on the novel by Sam Hanna Bell.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Not content with adapting ‘Ulysses’ to the big screen, Joseph Strick returned to James Joyce in 1977, telling the story of Joyce-surrogate Stephen Dedalus’ search for knowledge against the background of his family’s declining circumstances in early 20th Century Ireland.


Ulysses: Joyce’s famously “unfilmable” novel was adapted twice, but most cineastes prefer this looser 1967 version by Joseph Strick. Over the course of June 16th, 1904, a young Stephen Dedalus wanders the streets of Dublin city, encountering Leopold Bloom, a middle-aged Jewish man preoccupied with the possible infidelities of his wife Molly.

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